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ThetaHealing®  - Creating our reality

Um pouco sobre o ThetaHealing
Bailarina Celeste

"Belief: The mind's acceptance that something is true or real is often supported by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty."

~ Vianna Stibal

"Quando alguém decide curar-se, ele se transforma em uma obra de amor e compaixão, já que não se torna saudável somente a si próprio, mas também a toda a sua linhagem."

~ Bert Hellinger

Criador das Constelações Familiares Sistêmicas

"Your external physical reality is a feedback loop, which allows you to know what your beliefs are. That way, if your external reality is not your preferred one, you can change your beliefs in order to change the its external reality."

~ Bashar

"We are self-willed individuals and we can program ourselves to create an existence filled with happiness."

~ Dr. Bruce Lipton


Maybe you're down, anxious, sad, frustrated, stressed, or insomniac. Perhaps you are sick or lacking in motivation. Maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship or you just feel like you're not living the life you'd like to live. Whatever your need, the therapist Aline Keny is here to help you. Therapy is a process of support, self-discovery and growth. Through therapeutic sessions there is the possibility of expanding our level of self-knowledge. ThetaHealing ® promotes mental, emotional and behavioral transformation, encouraging a positive perspective and the adoption of new belief systems and attitudes, so we learn to control our mental and emotional field and to act instead of reacting. Celeste Ballerina provides the tools and professional experience to help you live your life in the Best and Highest Way .

Um pouco mais sobre o Thetahealing
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