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Replacement of Mistaken Beliefs

Belief Work in ThetaHealing®

Substituicao de Crencas Equivocadas



Belief: The mind's acceptance that something is true or real is often supported by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty (Vianna Stibal)  ”.


Currently, a large part of the population is aware that we are holistic, integral beings. Gradually, the collective consciousness has been disconnecting from the old idea that body and mind are separate. The search for states of full health has spread, mainly due to the awareness that our thoughts, feelings and emotions sustain the harmony of the Being.


Through current scientific evidence, such as those made through the studies of Dr. Bruce H. Lipton (author of the book: The Biology of Belief - The Power of Consciousness over Matter and Miracles), we are getting closer to understanding how belief works in our organism. It was possible to verify the neurochemical reactions in the body, caused by our thoughts, belief systems (what we believe in) and emotions - at physical and emotional levels. Taking into account that the central nervous system is able to control the organs' defense mechanisms, we can conclude that healthy/positive beliefs sustain us energetically and align us to health states – thoughts and feelings are transmitted to our physiology.


We were all raised in a certain belief system, and our beliefs in some ways define and direct us. The physical body responds to our emotional beliefs, to which we are conditioned and identified. Aiming at the balance of the Being and improvement of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, we can modify the messages we send to our body, and for this to be possible, it is necessary to modify certain mistaken beliefs installed in our subconscious, on several levels.




THE CONSCIOUS MIND: The conscious mind can be understood as our logical, rational part - it makes the practical decisions of everyday life, it quickly judges what is right or wrong, something that the subconscious does not do. About 12% of the mind is made up of the conscious part (what is perceived as a belief by the conscious part, is not always perceived as true by the subconscious). As an example: Even when we think that there are absolutely no subconscious limitations on abundance or money, the limitation/restriction may be installed in the subconscious (limiting belief regarding abundance or money).


THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: The subconscious mind is our storehouse of beliefs. It can be likened to a computer hard drive, which stores all our memories, beliefs, habits, self-image, in addition to controlling the body's autonomic functions. The subconscious mind holds the information and performs the tasks. The unconscious part is estimated at 88% of the mind. When we recognize that one of our beliefs is negative, 12% of our mind strives to change the remaining 88%. Any decision about any change in our life is first formed in the conscious mind. This decision will somehow conflict with preexisting beliefs.




The conscious mind can program the subconscious mind into new patterns of behavior and habits. We are equipped with the ability to correct ourselves and change what we dislike, we have the full ability to educate ourselves.

Belief work is one of the main healing techniques within ThetaHealing and presents itself as a powerful means of modifying behaviors that self-sabotage and harm. As we do belief work in the Theta wave state (seventh dimension of consciousness), the subconscious returns to the brainwave frequency open to accepting new information and we can thus open ourselves to growth in all areas of life and change. of patterns ingrained in the mind. Theta state cures open the mind to positive changes and return our mindset to the purity of a child.


By directly accessing the subconscious mind, we modify mistaken and limiting belief systems. Wrong programs installed in the mind can also be inherited and passed on from generation to generation. In ThetaHealing, for healing to happen, the person needs to want to be healed, it is really necessary to want to restore health on all levels (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). If the individual does not want to be healed, the belief work will not do. The Creator makes healing available, but one must really want to be healed.


When a positive or negative belief is accepted as real by the body, mind and soul, that belief becomes a "program". There are hidden programs that sabotage us, and even if on a conscious level we don't know that these "programs" exist in us, they are immersed in the subconscious mind waiting for the opportunity to be inserted into our reality.




PRIMARY LEVEL: these are beliefs that have been taught to us since the childhood of the present incarnation. They were accepted by our child and became an essential part of who we are. They are held as energy in the frontal lobe of the brain.


GENETIC LEVEL: are programs inherited from our ancestors. The genetic level determines the mechanics of DNA and the programs added to our genes. They are energies stored in the morphogenetic field in our physical DNA. Morphogenetic fields generate patterns of behavior that connect us with all life forms on the planet. The morphic or morphogenetic fields were studied by the English biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, and are formed by elements capable of organizing brain energy, acting as an invisible extension of the cells, connecting us more intensely to our Family Constellation (including non-consanguineous ancestors in the present incarnation – which covers part of the historical level).


HISTORICAL LEVEL: it is formed by memories kept in our energy field, they are linked to the memories of past lives, the deep genetic memory, as well as the memories that we make use of in the present moment, linked to the collective conscious and unconscious. When the beliefs we hold from the historical level are replaced and resolved, we take back our soul fragments that were stuck in these past experiences (from this and other lifetimes).


SOUL LEVEL: This level represents all that a person is. The programs are drawn from the heart chakra out of the individual. Our soul is great and very strong. The soul is perfect, it is part of the Creator, our soul is here to experience the lessons of matter. The programs that are part of the soul level are deep and powerful, part of the wholeness of the individual. Our soul is in constant learning and can be directed, in this present existence, to experiences that will provide us with spiritual growth. There are misguided beliefs that have risen to the soul level and unfortunately have a painful effect on our lives.




Belief work empowers us with the ability to remove negative programs and replace them with positive programs provided by the Creator of All That Is. The ThetaHealing therapist accesses the seventh plane of creation, and in the state of Theta waves, together with the Creator, he replaces negative beliefs with positive beliefs, with the client's authorization (free will is always respected).

At ThetaHealing we believe that we are what we think we are. Through our experiences, which are often painful and traumatic, we can end up identifying with negative and worthless beliefs, beliefs of undeserving, beliefs of attachment to pain and suffering, beliefs that keep us trapped in guilt, self-sabotage and self-punishment. . We can create new eyes, new ways of seeing the universe and expand our perceptions to more joyful and loving inner worlds. By healing ourselves first, we are able to carry this vibration into our relationships. When we change the perception of the experiences that life presents us, we also change the perception to the external look. We are potential Gods, able to choose which energetic vibration we want to inhabit.


Through ThetaHealing sessions we ask the Creator of All That Is to energetically release and heal us from misguided beliefs that limit our growth.

ThetaHealing® has no religious affiliation, it is one of the most powerful energy healing techniques in the world.

If you feel it in your heart, you are free to share this text. Therefore, be sure to keep it in integrity, including the author's source name and the site of origin. Namaste!

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