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Emotional Body Strengthening

ThetaHealing® - Creating Feelings

Ativação da Célula Mestra, da Glândula Pineal, e dos Cromossomos da Juventude e da Vitalidade

Do you know all the feelings?

Many people have never been able to experience the energy of certain sensations in their lives. Due to experiences, traumas, they may not have known and developed certain feelings, or "lost" them in the fabric of existence.

By releasing the wrong beliefs and programs installed in our subconscious and replacing them with a new, healthy belief system, our brains can create connections and establish new neural patterns.

Together with the Creator of All That Is, we have the potential to manifest, create and fulfill dreams, but first we need to work on the emotional field and experience sensations that are essential to our balance.

ThetaHealing creator Vianna Stibal reports that when she started working with beliefs, in one of her sessions, she tried to implant in a chronically depressed woman the following belief: “Life is happy”, replacing the belief “Life is sad ”, however, the process was stalled and healing was not possible, the client's body refused to accept the new belief. When Vianna asked the Creator why, the answer was that the woman had never experienced the feeling of joy in her life, she simply did not know what it was like to feel joyful.

Many of us do not know certain sensations and feelings. We are on this planet to learn through our experiences, but not necessarily through intense and painful experiences. We have the power of choice to learn in the ways of love. Feelings can be learned instantly, our cells have the ability to learn feelings.

Do you know what it feels like to have maternal love?

How does it feel to be honored?

How does it feel to feel joy?

How does it feel to feel loved, exactly as you are?

How does it feel to have self-compassion?

How does it feel to have self-love?

How does it feel to be loved and appreciated by everyone?

Do you feel compassion for others?

What is the feeling of relaxation?

How does it feel to have parental love?

How does it feel to be at peace?

What is the feeling of love?

How does forgiveness feel? And self-forgiveness?

Before it is possible to install a new system of beliefs in our subconscious, even before installing a certain belief, it is necessary to install first the sensation of the new belief, so that in this way we can integrate new beliefs, at all levels (primary , genetic, historical and soul), in addition to recognizing ourselves in the new patterns.

Through a ThetaHealing session it is possible to program, for example, “How does it feel to be loved, coming from the Creator of All That Is?”.

We can allow ourselves to have feelings we've never experienced before, it's very powerful. By doing feelings work, we not only realize what a feeling feels like, we also learn that it is possible to have a certain feeling.

Here it is worth making a parallel between sensation, emotion and feeling. The sensation is linked to the way information is elaborated and interpreted by the brain, with the help of the sensory systems of the physical and energetic bodies. Emotions, on the other hand, are like alerts about how we feel, they create biochemical reactions in the body and change our physical state, they are encoded in our genes - generally similar in all humans.

It is common that many people have not yet learned to recognize and identify their own emotional reactions that can range from sadness, bitterness, anger, joy, hatred, surprise, indifference, euphoria, jealousy, envy, fear, guilt, aversion, etc.

Feelings make us aware of the situation, they can be understood as a kind of judgment about emotions.

We learn from our emotions and they help us to have clarity and connect with our feelings, which come from the Soul and are sublime, such as love, compassion, gratitude, courage, kindness, forgiveness, etc.

In feelings work, by ThetaHealing, changes occur quickly. We are even capable of learning to live without a certain negative feeling, such as: “I know how to live guilt-free”. Or open ourselves to new ideas: “What is it like to love and be reciprocated?” and “How does it feel to be rich?”.

Some people have never experienced certain feelings in their lives. According to Vianna: “This is the reason why when we want to manifest a soulmate in our lives, or abundance, or many other things, they don’t come – we have to experience what it feels like before we can bring it into our reality.” .

What could take lifetimes to learn can be learned in seconds. Unfortunately, we are still not used to living without feeling anger, fear, suffering or frustration. It has become so common to live with these emotions that we don't know how to live without them. Irrational fears can be removed by shifting our personal frequency from fear to love.

When we feel a feeling for the first time, or learn to feel it again, we are ready to create positive changes in our walk.

I invite you to close your eyes, connect to your Sacred Heart center, to the rhythm of your breathing and to meditate with these affirmations/programs:

"I know what it feels like to trust my intuitions."

"I know what it feels like to be worthy of God's love."

“I know how to be happy”.

"I deserve only good things in my life."

"I know it's possible to know what my soul purpose is for this incarnation."

The Creator can introduce and teach us certain feelings and paths, life can be more vibrant and colorful.

"Inner growth takes place when you make room for something new."

~ Bert Hellinger

ThetaHealing® - One of the most powerful energy healing techniques in the world.

If you feel it in your heart, you are free to share this text. Therefore, be sure to keep it in integrity, including the author's source name and the site of origin. Namaste!

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