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Rescue your Soul Fragments

ThetaHealing® - Regain your integrity and your power

fragmentos de alma

In emotional encounters of great intensity, even on a historical level, we can lose part of our essential vital energy (force). We leave pieces of our soul, and in the same way we retain fragments of the soul of these people with us.


A Soul Fragment is more complicated than a Psychic Hook . Energy exchanges are positive when the relationship is characterized as healthy. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships have a negative effect and drain energy from the psyche of the individuals involved in the relationship.


Soul Fragments can be exchanged or lost:


  • They can be lost in the case of rape in cases of sexual or psychological abuse;


  • We also lose them when someone with whom we share many experiences passes away;

  • Fragments are exchanged in all sexual relationships, including occasional encounters;


  • In marital relationships and relationships in which we give ourselves intensely, there are exchanges of fragments;

  • When trying to help a sick person, we donate part of our energy in an attempt to heal them (on a conscious or unconscious level).


When we rescue our soul fragments from a past sexual partner, we bring back all the DNA exchanges performed (past knowledge exchanges).

When a love relationship or friendship ended a long time ago and you still think about the person continuously, without a healthy break from memories, you may be carrying a fragment of that person's soul. For example: when you think or dream a lot about an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband (ex-wife) you are sustaining him/her energetically, and unconsciously donating your power to him/her - the ideal it is to regain your integrity and your power .


Through ThetaHealing sessions we can rescue our Soul Fragments, bringing back our integrity.

"As each of you embody all of your Soul Fragments, you will finally gain the ability to access all wisdom, talents, memories and positive experiences of your I Am Presence for this experience here in matter."

~ Archangel Michael

ThetaHealing® - One of the most powerful energy healing techniques in the world.

If you feel it in your heart, you are free to share this text. Therefore, be sure to keep it in integrity, including the author's source name and the site of origin. Namaste!

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