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Therapeutic Tarot

Soul guidance to your current moment

emaranhamentos sistemicos

What is Therapeutic Tarot?


Nowadays, the tarots have been re-signified, removing the mystical (mysterious) character that surrounds their world. There are many mistaken beliefs regarding the use of oracle blades, however these fears are valid due to the unconscious or incorrect use of the cards.

Tarots have a therapeutic function when they are made, as well as manipulated by awakened beings who are following the path of light. The conscious use of cards, for noble purposes (with good intentions and for self-knowledge), really has a therapeutic and curative function. However, no one heals anyone, all healing is self-healing, given that most of our imbalances and diseases come from the disconnection with our Divine Essence.

Therapist Aline Keny does not use oracles for divinatory purposes, but for EXPANSION OF LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS. Oracles have the power to reveal the future, but here we work on the PRESENT MOMENT, the only time in which we can really live. Through a round of tarots, the 'Tune of the Moment' is taken, which is a guide, a wise orientation to the client's soul - always aiming at the Here and Now. The therapist opens the client's attunement and feels which tarots fit their current moment, asking for help from the Divine Beings so that the guidance comes in a clear, objective and healing way. There is also freedom for the client to choose an oracle to be part of the reading.

We understand that, if used seriously, oracles facilitate the path of self-knowledge, since they highlight the light and signal aspects that are still in the shadow and unconsciously to the client. Tarots have the ability to bring out the unconscious. Many cards show personality nuances that still need to be worked on and matured, in order to be transmuted, healed and integrated into the querent's akashic records.

The client is instructed to study his cards so that he can absorb the contents of the slides. This study can be for a short or even a long period of time, it depends on each individual, considering that we are unique beings. Often, a single letter opens a period of learning about the lesson of its content, and each one at their own pace can choose to develop their lesson or not. When the choice is for the development of blade learning, this knowledge will certainly be integrated into the customer's soul wisdom.

If it resonates with you, book your session. It is worth it!


"Love is courage in the midst of a sea of fear."

~ Rumi


Below is the list of Oracles available for the Therapeutic Tarot Session:

  • The Oracle of Kuan Yin – Blessings, Guidance and Illumination of the Divine Feminine. Alana Fairchild

  • Kuan Yin Pearl Oracle – Marcos Latàre and Valdiviáh Lâtare

  • The Druid's Animal Oracle – Working with the sacred animals of the druidic lore. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

  • Reiki Tarot – Johnny De'Carli

  • The Tarot of Marseille – Carlos Godo

  • The Goddess Oracle – Amy Sophia Marashinsky

  • The Gita – Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita. OM Books International

  • The Oracle of Illumination – Inkiripiracanga

  • Garden of Angels – Patricia Gebrim

  • Children's Word – Patricia Gebrim

  • Meditating with the Angels – Sônia Café

  • Oracle of Nature – Cris Maia

  • The White Fraternity Tarot – Ricardo Ribeiro Machado and Doriana Tamburini

  • Tarot of the Orixás – André Mantovanni

  • Kier Egyptian Tarot – Initiatory knowledge of the book of Thoth. Bibiana Rovira

  • Shamanic Cards – The discovery of power through the energy of animals. Jamie Sams and David Carson

  • Dream Cards – Understand your dreams and enrich your life. Strephon Kaplan-Williams

  • Angelic Oracle of the Seven Rays – Ângela Mauro Peixoto

  • Tarot of Angels – Monica Torinno Scoppelli

  • Letters from the Gypsy Granny – Suraya Aragon

  • Gypsy Messages – Rosalinda da Matta

If you feel it in your heart, you are free to share this text. Therefore, be sure to keep it in integrity, including the author's source name and the site of origin. Namaste!

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