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Energy Divorce

ThetaHealing® - What is Energy Divorce?

divorcio energetico

After the end of relationships and marriages where there was a great affective connection, a hidden program may remain installed in the subconscious of the ex-partners that make them believe that they are still married, even when there has already been a physical separation or even the judicial process of divorce. The emotional connection is so deep that they may not care if they are still married or not, they remain connected on an unconscious level.

A large number of people still remain "married" to former partners, including past life affections.

Through ThetaHealing we can ask the Creator of All That Is to energetically release us from the commitment arising from past relationships, which, however important they have been in our lives, have already fulfilled their role in our evolutionary process.

"Love is a nest, never a cage."


ThetaHealing® - One of the most powerful energy healing techniques in the world.


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